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Captain Rusty Pete

Island Adventures

Skipper Notice Number 1

1) You will need to place a sailing resume on file with the Charter Company. Use the link on your contract to go the website and fill in your information. I am NOT placing a copy of my passport onto the website for security reasons.

2) You need to appoint a First Mate. Technically, the Charter Company wants two bareboat certified individuals on a first time catamaran charter. First mate should use the same link found on your contract.

3) You will be responsible to welcome the crew, allocate cabins, help get their luggage onboard and let me know if there are any issues (missed flights, lost luggage etc)

4) You and your First Mate will need to attend chart briefing and boat check-out prior to your boat being released for charter.

5) As soon as I have collected all of your boat’s crew payments I will send you your provision allowance.

6) You will need to order your boat’s food from Bobby’s and have it delivered. Some Skippers bring food with them from the US. If you want to do this, the onus will be on you to package, carry and clear through customs. If the food does not arrive you will be responsible to cover the cost.

7) Please go to the documents link on the website for a copy of a typical menu and links to Bobby’s provisions.

Plan delivery of provisions for 18h30, Saturday

8) Skippers will receive $150 per day for 6 days, total of $900. I will release these funds when we receive all crew releases and flight information from everyone on your boat.

You as Skipper are responsible to get this information from your crew.

9) You will have to use your personal credit card for any incidental charges on your boat while it is under charter. You have a $500 deductible hull damage insurance policy that should cover most problems provided you sail in allowed areas and do not sail at night.

10) You are responsible for the cooking of the meals on your assigned boat. You can recruit one or two people who want to cook to handle this assignment or you can “request” a rotation among your crew and have everyone do some cooking. I like to assign daily “Galley Apes” and have them prepare and clean up meals for a day. Here are some guidelines:

a. Your provision allowance will need to cover food from Bobby’s, mooring ball fees, ice and water refills, additional food bought along the way, and docking charges at the Bitter End. Note! Ice and water refills are free at the Voyage charter base.

b. You should take charge of storing your food so you know where everything is in case something comes up missing.

c. Remember you can store extra gallons of water under the floor boards in the galley

d. Before you depart, be sure and get an ice chest from the Charter Customer Service so you can store water, cold drinks, and beer – this will keep people out of the refrigerator and freezer

e. I like to post the menu on the wall in the galley so whomever is preparing a meal will know exactly what to prepare

f. I usually get 50 small water bottles and around 24 gallons of water. Once the small water bottles are gone, I tell everyone to put their name on a small water bottle and refill it from the large gallon jugs. People tend to leave half empty water bottles around the boat.

g. I do not allow glass beer bottles, a few years a crew member cut the bottom of her foot badly due to glass form a broken beer bottle.

h. You should not allow any ordering of additional food unless you know for sure your boat is out. Sometimes things get put away in different places – so check before ordering.

i. Once the money is gone – the money is gone. If you need additional funds everyone needs to understand that you will have to pass the hat.

11) Your boat will have a microwave and a gas grill. Make sure that you check the level in the propane tanks.

12) Boat Money – Pusser

This trip (2012) Ralph will be acting as flotilla Pusser. Please coordinate any issues related to food and menus with him. You will still be responsible for your individual boat kitty.

a. I recommend you get a bank deposit bag and keep your boat money in it. You will need to bring the balance of what you did not spend on the Bobby’s order in cash to pay for mooring fees, docking at the Bitter End, and re-supply of ice, water, and food.

b. Make sure anyone who gets money out of the boat money bag gives you a receipt.

c. I usually keep this on the navigation table.

d. You biggest challenge is keeping the boat money and your money separated. I usually cannot.

13) Speaking of the navigation table, I usually ask that only the skipper and the navigator put things on the navigation table. Gear seems to gather at the navigation table such things as cameras, sunglasses, cell phones, hats, etc. None of this stuff should be allowed on the navigation table.

14) Each boat has a generator for the air conditioner, so the electrical outlets in the berths work like outlets at home. Tell everyone to recharge items in their berth.

15) Make sure that you take an ipod hookup for connection to the boat stereo system. They are available for rent, but easy enough to carry down there.

16) The Skippers cabin has A/C, however access is through the front hatch and there is no head. You will have to use the communal head located just off the salon.

17) I recommend you bring a handheld radio. I purchased the Standard Horizon HX850S Handheld VHF. This will allow you to monitor Channel 16 and also monitor Channel 69 – the flotilla channel.

18) You are responsible for the navigation. An alternative is to follow another boat and not have to navigate. However, I do recommend you learn how to use the GPS / Auto Pilot – it can be a life saver. Remember, you have to turn off the auto pilot before trying to steer or you break it thus causing a charge to you.

19) The Charter Company provides a basic navigation chart on the boat. We used 2 charts last November and bought them online from Waterproof Charts at Chart #132E has soundings in feet and covers both BVI and USVI. Chart #32B has a lot more harbor detail and soundings are in meters, but it does not cover all of the USVI. I would also recommend getting a chart tube, which allows for ease of transport and protection.

My Contact Information in the BVI will be by cell:

Peter Byrom


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